Golden iPhone

by GoldandLuxe


An impromptu photo shoot for an up and coming fashion site led me to the discovery of beautiful iPhone photography. I am a bit late- but truly, the toss up was between a Sony cyber shot and the iPhone. My confidante Amanda and I made the obvious decision to ditch the digital, go straight for the iPhone 5. The photos came out brilliant. A bit of editing for exaggerated colors- but overall the shots were good to go. There is an entire world of albums filled with iPhone camera gurus- why am I now hopping on the bandwagon?

I suppose I am attached at the hip to my mobile device. An iPhone 4S, I play, call, text, Instagram, and devour a lot of my world through this techno box. Perhaps, I want to rely LESS on this device- deem myself a bit more “earthy”? I want to be the kid that can ditch the advance electronics and go for the film camera. I would like to appear more….authentic?  But with a bloody brilliant camera as it is-@#$%^&!. One more use to let it hang around in my back jean pocket a bit longer.

photo (3) bw gambita cropped photo (1) bw


Photography: Amanda Bertizlian