Lady in Black

by GoldandLuxe

photo (15)Black is when a smoker leans into a cigarette. It is the moment between the inhale and the exhale. That’s what black is. Black is the second before anticipation and the instant release following pleasure.

Black makes little sense, yet is always sensible. It is always witty yet excruciatingly bookish. Black is everything you want it to be.  It is who you are and also who you wish you were.

It is not simply a color- not merely something on a palette of “others”. Black is deserving of more than that. You see, black is a state of mind.  It is a state of mind only the wild can love. It is meant for those who find it mundane to walk barefoot in the jungle.

Why? Because it is a love affair with the fiercest man you will ever be with in your lifetime. Black looks dashing in a tux and rustic in worn out jeans. It is an affair with the most luscious of women- the woman who is curved and draped in silk.  Black will leave you feeling desperate. You will always be hungry, because black never satisfies. It knows how little to give, and always how much to take.

Black is only for those powerful enough to run with it. The creatures are so decadent and furious that he or she is rightfully chosen for this elite society.

What is black to me? Black is everything and nothing. Black is in the air and in the water. Black is a beauty, a damn treasure.